Kannada Janapada Shikshana Samsthe(KJSS) Gotagodi Near Utsav Rock Garden a cultural organization and a center for folklore, an institution for promoting fine arts includes Painting, Sculpture, Architecture, Music, and Poetry, With Performing Arts including Theatre & Dance and Drama. The main philosophy guiding the institution is to develop the Karnataka cultural roots and preserve its varied heritage for posterity. It strives to study the folk forms like Folk Songs, Folk dances, Folk Theater Doddata, Kolaata, Dollu etc, and other performing arts of Karnataka Jaanapada.

The society has been established during the year 2013. A group of dynamic and young enthusiastic members were decided under the guidance of Supreme Shri T B Solabakkanavar to give wings to an Educational system in the state that brings a unique system of education and to conduct social & cultural activities in the rural area. There is an urgent need of exploring the traditional art and cultural glory through a model and unique educational system and it is needed to disseminate the abundant skill of specific arts, embedded in the life of the people of our land. There is an ample treasure of knowledge which is yet to be unveiled for the purpose of utilization. Team decided to have KJSS in the intention to serve the society, state and nation for the beautification and to create healthy society, folklore education to the students in addition to the contemporary syllabus.

Welcome you to Wolrds First Folklore Theatre located inside Utsav Rock Garden Campus . Here We are running 365 Days Folklore Shows Starting From November 1st 2018. Its been an Historical Step taken by Karnataka Doddata(Bayalata) Trust